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Many new companies are selling Thermal Paper Rolls at unbelievably low prices.

The paper that is used in their rolls is substantially thicker and more loosely wound than the good quality paper that we source from the UK & EU.

As an example:

Our Credit Card rolls - 57mm x 40mm contain 14 Meters of paper per roll.

Their Credit Card rolls - 57mm x 40mm contain 8 Meters of paper per roll.

This paper will also leave substantial residues on your printer head leading to premature breakdowns and costly repairs to your equipment.

Keep in mind that most Credit Card Machines are rented and replacement bills for damage caused by non-approved paper can exceed £500.

If you are unsure of what you are buying then ask them for a sample pre-purchase and check it out for yourself.

Measuring your Till Rolls

Codes on this site are Width x Diameter (in mm)

How to measure your Till Rolls

How to measure your Till Rolls

Codes used on our Site are as follows:

TH - Thermal Rolls (These do not require a Ribbon)

SP - Single Ply Rolls (these require a Ribbon)

2P - 2 Ply Rolls (these require a Ribbon)

3P - 3 Ply Rolls (these require a Ribbon)

For example the roll above is a Thermal Roll 80mm width & 70mm diameter. The Code is then TH80-70.

The width is important but the diameter of roll that you select can be less than the Roll that you currently have. If for example your roll measures 80mm x 72mm then an 80mm x 70mm roll will fit without problems.

If in doubt, please give us a call on 0800 195 4453. We're more than happy to help you out on the phone.

The different types of Paper

There are 4 different types of Paper:


This is heat sensitive paper used in machines with a Thermal Print Head. These Rolls do not require a Ribbon


These Till Rolls are used in Impact (Dot Matrix) printers. You can tell if the equipment you are using is an Impact Printer by seeing if it uses a Ribbon. 


These Till Rolls are used in Impact (Dot Matrix) printers and produce 2 copies at the same time. You can tell if the equipment you are using is an Impact Printer by seeing if it uses a Ribbon. 


These Till Rolls are used in Impact (Dot Matrix) printers and produce 3 copies at the same time. You can tell if the equipment you are using is an Impact Printer by seeing if it uses a Ribbon.


The quick and simple way to tell the difference between Thermal Paper and Single Ply Paper is that Thermal Paper has a smooth glossy appearance whereas Single Ply has a matt appearance and feels like regular A4 Printer paper. You can also differentiate the two by running your finger nail or coin across the paper. The Thermal Paper will leave a grey or black mark where you ran your finger or coin across, the Single Ply Paper will leave no mark.

BPA Free Thermal Paper Till RollsBPA Free Paper

All of our paper is BPA (Bisphenol A) free.

Image Stability

Our BPA Free Paper has an image stability guarantee of 7 years if stored under the correct conditions.

FSC Certified Thermal Paper Till Rolls

All of our paper is produced from FSC sourced materials.

Domestic Delivery Timescales

We send the majority of our Parcels with Parcelforce & Royal Mail.

All Parcels delivered to UK Mainland, Scottish Highlands & Islands, Northern Ireland, Scilly Islands, Isle of Man & the Isle of Wight are from just £4.99 for orders under £60 and FREE for orders over £60.

Deliveries normally arrive next day. Exceptions to that are as listed below where a Next Day service is not guaranteed.

POSTCODE   Area / Delivery Timescale
AB30-31 Scotland (1-2 days)
AB33-38 Scotland (1-2 days)
AB41-45 Scotland (1-2 days)
AB51-56 Scotland (1-2 days)
AB63 Scotland (1-2 days)
BT Northern Ireland (2-3 days)
DD8-10 Scotland (1-2 days)
FK17-21 Scottish Highlands (2-3 days)
GY Channel Islands (2-3 days)
HS1 Stornoway (2-3 days)
HS2 Stornoway/Isle of Lewis (2-3 days)
HS3 Isle of Harris (2-3 days)
HS4 Isle of Scalpay (2-3 days)
HS5 Isle of Harris (2-3 days)
HS6 Isle of North Uist (2-3 days)
HS7 Isle of Benbecula (2-3 days)
HS8 Isle of South Uist (2-3 days)
HS9 Isle of Barra (2-3 days)
IM Isle of Man (2-3 days)
IV1-40 Scottish Highlands & Islands (2-3 days)
IV41-43 Isle of Skye (2-3 days)
IV44 Scottish Highlands (2-3 days)
IV45-49 Isle of Skye (2-3 days)
IV50 Scottish Highlands (2-3 days)
IV51-54 Isle of Rona (2-3 days)
IV55-56 Isle of Skye (2-3 days)
JE Jersey (2-3 days)
KA27 Isle of Arran (2-3 days)
KA28 Great Cumbrae (2-3 days)
KW1-13 Scottish Highlands & Islands (2-3 days)
KW15-17 Orkney Islands (2-4 days)
PA20-40 Scottish Highlands (2-3 days)
PA41 Isle of Gigha (2-3 days)
PA42-45 Isle of Islay (2-3 days)
PA46 Isle of Islay / Jura (2-3 days)
PA47-49 Isle of Islay (2-3 days)
PA60 Isle of Jura (2-3 days)
PA61 Colonsay/Oronsay (2-3 days)
PA62-64 Isle of Mull (2-3 days)
PA65 Scottish Highlands & Islands (2-3 days)
PA66-67 Isle of Mull (2-3 days)
PA68 Scottish Highlands & Islands (2-3 days)
PA69-76 Isle of Mull (2-3 days)
PA77 Isle of Tiree (2-3 days)
PA78 Isle of Coll (2-3 days)
PH10 Scotland (1-2 days)
PH11 Scotland (1-2 days)
PH12 Scotland (1-2 days)
PH13 Scotland (1-2 days)
PH19-26 Scottish Highlands (2-3 days)
PH30-44 Scottish Highlands (2-3 days)
PH49-50 Scottish Highlands (2-3 days)
PO30-41 Isle of Wight (2-3 days)
TR21-25 Isles of Scilly (2-3 days)
ZE Shetland Islands (2-4 days)

 International Deliveries

Most deliveries to the EU are sent with Parcelforce or GLS. For other international deliveries we use UPS, Fedex, DPD, DHL & TNT. We do not ship to Russia or Belarus


At Mr Paper we have been supplying Till Rolls since 1997 and are the best in the business. Our Rolls & Ribbons finder is guaranteed to be 100% accurate.

We stock and dispatch everything from our Warehouse in Bournemouth.

We are not 'Drop Shippers' so you can rest assured that your items will arrive promptly and well packaged to ensure that they do not become damaged on the way to you.

If you are stuck, need advice or would like to speak to any of our very happy staff please call us on 0800 195 4453.